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Voice Lessons - Rehabilitation - Vocal Freedom

About Vocal Joy

Vocal Joy – Voice Lessons Maui. The Vocal Joy Studio is led by Joy Renée, a highly talented and respected voice lessons teacher based on the Hawaiian island of Maui. Founded in medical research on the concept that singing can be as natural and easy as speaking, Joy Renée’s teaching method features an effective and healthy technique for all voices and all vocal styles. Joy also specializes in vocal rehabilitation and is Hawaii’s premiere vocal rehab specialist.

Joy is available for private lessons at the Maui Music Conservatory in Kahului and Upcountry Maui at her studio.

Joy is also available globally through SKYPE lessons.

Please contact joy at: sing@vocaljoy.com

Vocal Lessons

Learn to take control of your voice! Start at any level and at any age. Sing any style with confidence. Unlearn old habits or refine your skills. Achieve the widest range possible with a smooth transition through your bridges. Voice lessons are scheduled in 30 and 60 minute increments – on Maui, online, or by phone.

Vocal Rehabilitation

Vocal Rehabilitation is an area that Joy is a specialist in. Many singers and speakers are frustrated by hoarseness, loss of voice, limited range, breaks, or even physical damage such as polyps or vocal nodules. Joy Renée has received many referrals from ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) specialists and has subsequently helped numerous vocalists recover vocal cord health and build resilience.

Vocalize U

Vocal Joy is part of the VU teachers network. We at VocalizeU have looked at many teacher networks and have chosen what we feel is the most advanced group of teachers. The ViP “Vocology in Practice” network of teachers is a group of voice instructors that maintain not only a very high standard of vocal technique, but also high standards in ethics.

“We on Maui are blessed to have Joy here. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be singing now. Her technique of vocal training is the only thing that has worked for me.”

- Gail Swanson

Award-winning singer/songwriter

“Our daughter has not only learned scales, songs and technique, she’s also learned how to protect her instrument as she progresses and follows her dreams.”

- Dana Hesse, Maui

Owner, Burbank School of Rock

“Joy is hands down the greatest voice teacher I have ever had, and I’ve had many in my 35 years as an entertainer.”
Eric Gilliom


“Joy Fields is truly an incredible and inspiring master vocal instructor…she’s a miracle to my musical journey!”

Derick Sebastian

Ukulele Virtuoso