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Voice Lessons – Singing, Rehabilitation & Vocal Health

Discover Your Vocal Freedom

There are many reasons to seek voice lessons. You may be a new singer trying to match pitch, or a professional singer seeking guidance on vocal range and mobility. Or maybe you’re in need of rehabilitation after vocal fold damage.

A vocal coach is like a personal trainer for your voice. A public speaker can often get hoarse and need help with longevity. Singers who spend many nights on the road, gigging regularly, will find that singing lessons are a key factor to endurance. With maintenance and coaching you can enjoy long-term vocal health, and ensure you sound your best on stage each and every time your perform.

Vocal Joy Studio will help you enhance your natural gift, recover your abilities, and discover your hidden talents. Lessons are led by Joy Renee, a sought after vocal coach based on the Hawaiian island of Maui. All voices and vocal styles are welcome. Contact Joy now to book a consultation.

The Vocal Joy Teaching Method

As vocal science advances so does Joy’s vocal technique, while her teaching method and experience is based on a solid foundation of medical research. Joy studied with legendary vocal coach Seth Riggs. She is certified by Seth Riggs Speech Level Singing International, and is part of the ViP network of teachers through Vocalize U. In addition, Joy has 20 years of her own studies and discoveries as a performer and vocal coach.

Her approach to voice lessons is extremely effective in maintaining optimum vocal health, whether a singer or a public speaking professional. Joy helps maintain your larynx – at speech level – throughout the entire range of your vocalizations, and repairs damaged voices by restoring elasticity to the edges of the vocal folds.

She is also referred by local ENT for vocal therapy, and rehabilitates: nodules, bowed vocal folds, paralyzed folds and extreme fatigue.

Lessons In Studio or VIa Skype

Joy is available for private lessons from the comfort of your own living room. Through Skype lessons, Joy helps a regular clientele of vocalists around the world, from Isreal to Australia. She is also availble for lessons at the Maui Muisc Conservatory or at her own private studio. at the following locations.
For in-person or online voice lessons connect with Joy today at 1-808-264-1275 or email: sing@vocaljoy.com
Lessons are $45 (USD) per half hour.

Vocal Lessons

Sing any style with confidence at any level, and any age. Whether you are seeking to unlearn old habits, start from scratch or refine your skills, take control of your voice and reach your full potential.

Vocal Rehabilitation

Many singers experience hoarseness, loss of voice, limited range, breaks, or physical damage such as polyps or vocal nodules. Vocal Joy specializes in vocal rehabilitation and is Hawaii’s premiere vocal rehab specialist.

Vocalize U

Vocal Joy is part of the VU teachers network. We at VocalizeU have looked at many teacher networks and have chosen what we feel is the most advanced group of teachers.

“Joy pays close attention to detail. She acknowledges that everyone is unique, as both vocalists and as people, and that we all strive to achieve different things. She works so hard to ensure that as you increase your technical ability, you don’t sacrifice parts of your voice that make you unique as an artist.
– Connor Snow, singer/songwriter